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How To Use Slack

What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging app that lets our members quickly chat and organize. It can be used through your browser, computer, or mobile device. Members are not required to use Slack, but it is recommended, as the bulk of our conversations are done within. There are also time-sensitive discussions and events, where we need quick feedback, that only happen within our Slack.

This guide will hopefully help you feel comfortable using Slack. If you still don’t feel comfortable after reviewing the contents below, please contact us and we can help out!

Getting Started

Not long after filling out the “Join OCDSA” form on our Join Us page, you should receive an email invite to our official Slack workspace (the email will come from

After clicking the green Join Now button, you will be asked to set up a Name and Password.

  • We recommend using your first name, or first name and last initial, as your name will be visible to everyone.

Working In Slack

After you create your account, you’ll be taken to our Slack! There will be a large Welcome page you can scroll through, with options to send a message to our general chat, or upload a profile picture.

In addition, you’ll see our Channels listed in the left-hand column. Channels are where we talk about specific subjects (Mutual Aid, Direct Action, Reading). Just click on one of these channels to join the conversation!

You may notice that you don’t have the same Channels as shown above, but that’s easy to change.

First, you’ll want to click the Plus Sign (+) located next to the Channels menu. Then, click Browse Channels.

  • On the mobile app, you just need to tap the Plus Sign (+).

This space lets you view every open Channel in our Slack. We recommend sorting the Channel Browser by Most Members, so that you can see where we’re most active.

  • On the mobile app there’s no sorting options, it’s just listed alphabetically

From there, scroll through the list for any Channels you’d be interested in joining. As you find them, just click on their names, then click the Join option towards the right.

Slack can be used through the web, but you can also download it to your device by clicking the links below!