Want to learn more about our work or join us in our efforts? Below are all the teams and initiatives we’re involved with. We also have a dedicated Need Assistance page for anyone who could gain from these resources.

Steering Committee

Orange County DSA is funded and democratically run by our members. The chapter is guided by a Steering Committee that is elected annually.
  • Obeydah D. – Chair
  • Byron L. – Vice-Chair
  • Eric N. – Secretary
  • Sarah L. – Treasurer
  • Yousuf A. – At-Large
  • Jensen W. – At-Large
  • Nina B. – At-Large
  • Morgan T. – At-Large
  • Joe V. – At-Large

Solidarity Fund

Run by our Mutual Aid Committee. We gather money and goods and give them out to anyone in need. We also offer grocery pick-up and drop-off for anyone at high risk of getting COVID-19.

Gender and Sexuality

Intersectional Queer and Feminist Committee: Fight for liberation across marginalized identities of sex and gender, including LGBTQIA+ status, race, disability, and other intersections of marginalization or privilege. Provide a Socialist Feminist perspective to fight against capitalism as well as combating the kyriarchy.

Workers’ Rights

Our branch currently does not have a formal Workers’ Rights initiative, however, the National DSA does offer assistance to anyone interested in organizing their workplace.


Electoral Politics Committee: Identify, support, and run political candidates who will use elected office to create a more egalitarian, democratic society that works for the benefit of the many, not the few.

Common Events

General Meetings: General Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month and can also be found on our Events page.

Socials: Social events are welcome to all who share the values of Democratic Socialists of America, regardless of membership status. In addition, our social events are welcome to all ages!

Affiliated Groups and Coalitions

These groups operate outside of OCDSA. However, we have strong ties and have worked together in solidarity.

OC Bail Fund
The Orange County Bail Fund pays bail bonds for those who cannot afford to. We do not turn people away, regardless of the crime they are charged with or any past charges. We don’t believe in incarceration, period. We want to liberate as many people as possible. We work towards a world without the cash bail system and the Prison Industrial Complex.The OC Bail Fund was established May 31st, 2020, by members of the Orange County Chapter of DSA. That night, a protest gave way in Santa Ana and was escalated by police. Those engaged in jail support realized they did not have any money in the event of arrests. We could not find general bail funds in Orange County to reach out to. So we worked together to create this fund. Soon after, members of SoCal IWOC joined us to make a more permanent fund. OC Food Not Bombs
OC Food Not Bombs shares food, clothing, medical supplies, blankets, and more, with our unhoused friends and neighbors. We organize and fight alongside our unhoused comrades, as well, so that they can have all their needs met.We also help rescue hundreds of pounds of produce each week, which is put toward grocery programs in Santa Ana and Irvine. Rise Up! Willowick Coalition
A coalition of residents and organizations concerned about the planned development of 102 acres of publicly owned open space (currently Willowick Golf Course) in Santa Ana.Our coalition formed in April 2019 to create a collective vision and strategy to assure that Willowick becomes a community asset that helps address the needs of our current residents.