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Whether you’re thinking about joining the DSA, are a brand new member, or returning, we would like to warmly welcome you into our chapter!The DSA fights for the collective gain of our entire community, not the wealthy and powerful. We don’t depend on special interest groups, or individuals, for any of our funding. This allows us to bypass any outsiders who’d want to influence our goals for their own gain.Instead, we are a proud, 100% member-funded organization. The funds used to become a DSA member allow the DSA to run things like community assistance programs, trainings, outreach, electoral campaign assistance, and much more. In turn, our members have complete control over both the platform and pathway we follow.You can become a dues-paying DSA member by signing up on our National DSA’s Membership Page.
  • “Monthly” Memberships not only support National DSA, but also go towards our local chapter
  • Non-members can participate in our work & meetings, but can’t vote on chapter decisions or initiatives, among other things


Once you’ve become a dues-paying member, please fill out our Join OCDSA form below so we can connect if we haven’t already.
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We’re excited to begin working together! In the meantime, here’s some resources you can utilize.

Every Penny Helps

If you’d like to make a monetary donation to our local chapter, you can do so through our Venmo or PayPal (takes credit card). A donation to the OCDSA goes directly towards building a more democratic future at home.Donations are not tax deductible. If you require that your donation be deductible, you can give directly to the National DSA Fund. National DSA does great work, but keep in mind our local chapter will not be able to use any portion of your donation.